Hall of Shame

We have been busy climbing in attics and crawlspaces this record breaking summer, and we thought that we would have a little fun to lighten the week and present you with the “Hall of Shame.” These are actual shots found by our inspection team meant to bring you a laugh but also to remind you that everything can be repaired once it has been discovered.

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Do not turn on the lights! It’s hard to see in the photo but this light fixture is half full of water.




You’ve all heard of double tapped electrical. This is triple tapped!






Adding a jacuzzi into a condo is a great idea; unfortunately, water was gushing from the drainage pipes behind the insulation and the electrical strip was meant for a computer not a pump. Leave that work to a professional!  




This foundation is tetering!







This support pier was directly in line with a drainage pipe… It’s only a matter of time!








This retaining wall was supporting the structure of a house from sliding down a 20 foot cliff. The wall was patched and bulging. This is a disaster waiting to happen.