Sell your home faster! 

Selling your home? One way that you can make your home stand out and sell faster than all the others in your market is to have a Pre-Sale Professional Home Inspection conducted on your property. Here are a few reasons you should consider having your Home Inspected before you list it for sale.

  1. A PRE-Sale Professional Home Inspection may identify any unknown problems with the house. This allows the seller to seek competitive bids to fix the problems, rather than rushing to fix everything immediately before a closing, spending extra $$$ to get things repaired in a hurry.
  2. A potential buyer may choose to use the seller’s inspection and decline to have it inspected themselves. This can dramatically speed up a closing date.
  3. Negotiations between buyers and sellers are streamlined with a PRE–Sale Professional Home Inspection. There are fewer things up for negotiation as they have already been disclosed and or fixed.
  4. Buyers have more confidence when considering a house that has already been inspected. More confidence means MORE OFFERS!
  5. The report generated by a PRE-Sale Professional Home Inspection can contain many positive elements. In effect, the report becomes an additional marketing tool, highlighting the unique features of the house.
  6. If there are unresolved problems identified in a PRE-Sale Professional Home Inspection, the seller can have repair quotes from local qualified contractors printed out and ready, even stapling the quotes to the report. This will head off any attempts by buyers to “lowball” based on the condition of the house.
  7. A Pre-Sale Professional Home Inspection helps the homeowner comply with full-disclosure real estate laws, governed by state laws. By focusing on the condition of your property, you are less likely to overlook a defect or material fact for which you could later be held liable.

Pre-listing inspections may eventually become as common as home staging, and the importance of having a home inspection as part of the home sales process cannot be understated. It protects all parties involved by providing valuable information so that educated decisions can be made. Whether you are selling your home, or buying your new home in Honolulu, Diamond Head Home Inspections is your source for Peace of Mind in Paradise. Call today to make your appointment.


Source: Matt Costa, Owner CHB Inspections.