Our Inspectors find repair opportunities during every inspection. There will be significant as well as less significant items discovered. Not to worry, there are qualified professionals that can repair any problem. It's our Inspector's job to provide the buyer/seller with all the facts, allowing them to make the most informed decision. We provide Peace of Mind in Paradise.  

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The roots system of the mature tree is venturing out beyond the retaining wall blocking the drainage system. This is blocking the escape of water and causing the large retaining wall to bulge. Eventually, this will be problematic. 

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The elements have caused this roof to deteriorate. The inside of the hose was covered with water. It is no longer functional and needs to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal

"Do not touch" the garbage disposal! Why not?

Severe Water Damage

In this ceiling our home inspector found severe water damage.


Security is a great idea, but a lock and key on a window is not. Your fire escapes should never be obstructed.

Interior leak

It's raining... inside?

Double Tapped

A commonly viewed electrical issue is a "double tapped" circuit breaker. It refers to when two wires are connected to a circuit breaker that is only designed for one. This presents a potential for failure in the system, which could result in fire or shock. The circuit had three wires connected to one circuit. A simple fix for a qualified electrician.

Gutter Gardens

Clever, but not the best idea. Easy to fix.


Eroding foundations are a big problem


All sinks should drain properly. An easy fix for a plumber.

Moisture near electricity

Moisture spots in the ceiling near electricity deserves the attention of a qualified repairman.


Should not "float". This can be a very dangerous issue.