Pool Inspections

Pool Inspection In Hawai’i

Learn More About Pool Inspection Services From Diamond Head Home Inspection

Overview Of Pool Inspection Service Performed By Diamond Head Home Inspection:

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  • We will inspect the structure, to ensure the interior finish is in acceptable condition and consistent with the age of the structure.  We look to see that there is no indication of cracking , surface damage, or settling.

  • We will check for calcium build up, deteriorated decking material, that the surface (plaster or tile) is in good condition and none of it is coming up, damaged, deteriorated, or missing

  • We will check that the water is clear

  • We will inspect the coping of the pol to see if it is in good order, cracking, or loose

  • If there is a slide want to ensure the ladder is in safe working condition

  • Check that the surface of the deck is in good condition. be sure there is no reverse grading and water running back into the pool and that everything drains away from the pool

  • Check to see if a diving board is loose or cracked

  • We check the filter to see if it is functional, leaking, improperly supported, pressure too high.

  • We will check the pumps, motors, to see if they are in good working condition.  make sure they are responsive, leaking, making excessive noise, are that jet spas are working properly.

  • We will check the pressure gauge to make sure its working properly

  • We will check the skimmers and drains to see if they are operating and if an anti vortex drain is needed to prevent suction against the drain.

  • We will test a water fill unit if it is present and accessible. 

  • We will check visible piping and valves to be sure they are not leaking

  • We will check electrical components to make sure the light and other electrical components are tied to a GFCI outlet and test those.

  • We will make sure the light and timer works

  • If there is a heater we will check that it is working properly.  is it solar? is it not?  make sure there is no debris around it, or any rust observed.

  • If there is a cleaning system, we will make sure it works

  • We want to ensure there are child safety barriers around the pool and self closing gates in the yard. we will make sure the fence self closes and latches.