A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the condition of the home from the foundation up to the roof.  All aspects of a home should be inspected and reported, to let a potential buyer know the present condition of the home.

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 The "must-knows" before buying a house:


The structural integrity inspection identifies major deficiencies in the condition of structural members which affect their load bearing capacity, and major deficiencies in the structural assembly.  The structure of a home is its skeleton, including the foundation and footings, the roof, and the framework.  

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An a electrical inspection is used to determine any major deficiencies in the electrical system.  Electrical issues can be a safety hazard just waiting to happen, and they need to be found for your protection.

Heating and Cooling

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) During the hot summer months, we want our AC to be working.  A good inspection will let you know if the AC or Heating system is working at full capacity. As one of the most expensive items on the property, its best to know with confidence that it is working properly.

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A proper roof inspection can reveal a lot and is necessary, as the roof is one of the most expensive items on a house that could potentially cost thousands to replace.  Know the condition before you purchase.  The Roof is inspected for the condition of the covering, soundness of the structure, water penetration, conditions of the the chimney and flashings, and effectiveness of drainage.


A plumbing inspection's primary objective is to identify any major deficiencies in the interior plumbing system.  Leaking or improper plumbing can create costly damage.  A good plumbing inspection reveals proper drainage and flow with fixtures.  In addition, the inspection tests water pressure, water flow, and determines if the plumbing system contains proper drainage capacity.

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The exterior Inspection identifies any major deficiencies in the condition of exterior components of the property including attached structures.  A good exterior inspection will report issues with the siding, the grading of the landscape, exterior deterioration, garage door functionality, damaged windows, missing screen, outside electrical, and foundation inspection.


The interior inspection is a basic functional test of the interior components of the property.  This includes the windows, doors, faucets, toilets, switches, appliances, proper lighting, and specific code clearances.  All is necessary for a functioning home.