Ask the Expert: Observations from the Field


Robert Melton

Lead Inspector DHHI


Our Ask the Expert column brings you insights from Hawaii's top industry experts in the fields that impact the real estate market in Hawaii and around the country. This week's guest column is from Robert Melton, Lead Inspector of Diamond Head Home Inspections. Bob is our most senior and highly skilled home inspector.  He provides training and mentorship to our up and coming team members.

The common—and not so common—things I see in home inspections

I was inspecting a house not too long ago that looked a little odd at first and as I got in to it a little further it proved to be just that. I walked up the spiral staircase and to my disbelief I had walked into a Vegas hotel suite from hell. It had mirrored ceilings and a pink bathroom with a tub to fit ten people. But, that’s certainly not every day. The most common issues that I come across is damaged or improper electrical wiring and moisture damage.

Ultimately, the client always gets the final call when it counts.

As an inspector it is my job to give you a better understanding of the property you are purchasing and not to determine whether you should buy a home or not.  Our findings our objective and we stay neutral in both tone and approach during our review.  We play an important part in the real estate transaction process but never will obstruct the work of the real estate professional. 

Becoming a lead inspector and trainer

I have always been passionate about home improvements for others and myself over the years.  When I found this profession years ago, I found a way that I could help more people. Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions any person or family can make and it’s a privilege to use my knowledge and expertise with buyers to help provide them with the best information possible. I love meeting new people and walking into a new adventure everyday. I never know what I’ll find, but the more homes we see, the more we learn and the more I can help a buyer and our clients along the way.